Face2Face offers all requirements for a successful event

Many organisers have made the experience that festival participants already form their opinion about an event already when buying the ticket. Our system allows the participants a carefree event experience and leads to a successful event. We take care of the ticketing and support the promotion of your event!


Face2Face offers smooth procedures – from the selection of passes to the entrance with E-ticket – and sees to it that you may concentrate on the organization of the festival untroubled. Register now for free! Not before you start selling tickets, you will be charged a fee of 2,5% + 0,99 € per sold ticket. As long as no tickets are sold, no costs incur. All our E-tickets contain barcodes, allowing for an efficient and professional entry management. During an assessment discussion after the event, you will receive comprehensive feedback based on the ticketing and the opinions of the festival participants. Which dance style was most popular? Which possibilities for improvement are there?


Our platform offers the possibility to design your own event page. Potential festival participants can be reached easily via various channels of our extensive network; especially via newsletters, Facebook and Face2Face promotion at other festivals. This way, festival participants are sure to find certain events on our platform and a high profile of your event is fostered. We especially support the promotion via social media such as Facebook by enabling posts of individual links. Furthermore, Face2Face regularly organizes promo tours and tombolas where we are happy to integrate your event, too.

We are looking forward to integrating your event in our shop

Please send an email to info@face2face-berlin.com or contact us directly via +49 (0)30 208 474 665.
Together, we will find the best way to support your event in the areas of ticketing and promotion.

In order to include your event in our shop, we will need the following information:

About the event:

  • Name of the event   (e.g.: Valentine Dance Festival)
  • Time and venue   (e.g.: 9th – 12th of February 2017 / CON.VENT, Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin)
  • Official web site   (e.g.: https://valentinedancefestival.com/)
  • Short description   (approx. 300 characters)
  • Detailed description   (integration of links and pictures possible)
  • Header image   (JPEG/PNG, 22:5-Format, minimum resolution of 1425x324 pixel, max. 1MB)
  • Color of the event page in our shop  (have a look at the sample board)

About the tickets:

  • Ticket name/s   (e.g.: Full Pass)
  • Ticket price/s   (gross; scaling with regard to date possible)
  • Short description   (approx. 500 characters)
  • Quadratic ticket image/s   (JPEG/PNG, resolution: 500x500 pixel, max. 100KB)
  • E-ticket   (PDF, format: DinA5, max. 300KB, please leave a white area of approx. 900x500 pixel for the barcode and the name, position arbitrary)

About the organizer:

  • Name, e-mail address, telephone number
  • Short description
  • Webs site, Facebook, Twitter (may coincide with the event web site)

Do you need further support regarding the preparation of graphics? We are happy to help!
On request, we may also translate your contents.